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The Round Rock Public Library

The new Round Rock Public Library is estimated to be completed by January 2023, and we can't wait! While we already love visiting the current library, located in downtown Round Rock, we look forward to visiting the new one. The Upcoming, New R...

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Selling Your Home During a Divorce

Selling your home during a divorce can be emotionally difficult. At Baker Realty, we understand this. We are professionals who know how to sell homes and can take the real estate aspect of the divorce off your plate. Divorce is never easy. No ...

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Moving with Pets

Moving with pets can be quite stressful, especially for your furry, four-legged family members. After all, boxes are everywhere, furniture is getting shuffled around, and stress is in the air. Things just aren’t the same. Here are some tips t...

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Thinking about Upsizing Your Home?

Thinking about upsizing your home? This question has crossed a lot of peoples’ minds in 2020, due to the COVID pandemic. It used to be that the primary reason for moving into a larger home was a growing family. But now, there are many other r...

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Home Office Space

Having a home office space is imperative these days. Here are 5 suggestions to help increase your productivity and comfort while working at home. Light, light, light! Natural light is the best medicine for your home office space! Open your bl...

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