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Growing Families

Growing familyHave you been feeling like your current living space is getting a bit cramped? Or maybe you are planning for your next little one and want to be prepared when they arrive.

No matter what the circumstances are, you are looking for some more square footage to meet the demands of your growing family. Baker Realty understands the needs of families and we love helping them find the perfect home.

Make memories in a home where you and your loved ones feel comfortable. You will spend the majority of your quality time together there, so you want to make sure that you are in the right spot.

Buying a Home for a Growing Family

Baker Realty, as a husband and wife team, we have three boys of our own. We know precisely what it means to families to have a home that you love and enjoy.

The Baker Realty team understands that families have unique needs that differ from individual home-buyers or young couples. Each personality plays a role in helping to decide what will fit best for the entire family unit. A realty team that pays attention to these details is critical. Every minute detail comes into play when looking for a new home. Baker Realty will filter through each available home to present to you the ones that meet your standards.

Rest assured that Baker Realty understands how important your family is to you. Family shapes the way we have built our lives and our business. Integrity, honesty, and hard work are tenets of Baker Realty and shine through in everything we do.

Know that you are entrusting your real estate needs to a realty team that understands you.

Farm and Ranch

If you are looking to expand further and are looking for farm or ranch land, Matt Baker is an invaluable resource. He is the farm and ranch specialist at Baker Realty. Matt grew up on acreage ranging from ten to several thousand acres. He learned farming and ranching from his young years through his twenties. Matt knows what is essential when looking for this kind of property. Matt will help you find the perfect piece of land for you and your family to love and enjoy.

Central Texas has so much beautiful landscape to offer. Baker Realty can help you find your piece of the scenery. If you’re looking to get further out from the urban city and own a more substantial piece of property, let Baker Realty assist you in finding the ideal location.