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Empty Nesters

Empty nesters selling homeThe kids are starting to flap their wings and fly away. The nest you raised them in is beginning to seem empty and spacious. You’ve started thinking it is time for a change of scenery.

Maybe your friends have mentioned downsizing or even gone through the process already. If it has been on your mind, it is worth considering that a different home may be a better fit for your current lifestyle.

Your Exciting Next Chapter

Many Americans express wanting to move into a smaller home, or even a condo after their children have moved out. As you become an empty nester, your needs are different than they were with kids living at home. This new chapter is also a new beginning, and you can choose to make these years some of the best ones yet.

Baker Realty will help guide you through the process of selling your current home and searching for a new one that better meets your needs. Downsizing comes with many upsides, including lower utility payments, less square footage to clean, furnish, and maintain, and lower property taxes. All of these factors can be incredibly important, particularly if you’re planning for retirement and moving to a fixed income.

Trust the real estate experts at Baker Realty to find you precisely what you’re seeking to fit your new lifestyle.

Downsize Sooner Rather Than Later

You might have recently been told that you should consider downsizing your belongings. However, even though you may feel you have more belongings than you need, you still feel some reluctance to downsizing. This feeling is prevalent among many empty-nesters.

Ease this tension by downsizing sooner rather than later. This gives you an opportunity to do so on your own terms. Baker Realty will help make the process smooth and pain-free with our compassion and attention to detail.