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Sudden Life Change

For sale sign in front of homeA sudden life change like divorce, an illness, or a death in the family can occur unexpectedly and leave you scrambling to meet new demands. At this vulnerable moment, it can be challenging to balance family life along with selling or purchasing a home.

At Baker Realty, we serve our clients by listening and understanding that each situation is unique. Our compassion drives us to help our clients in the best ways we can in times of need and emotional distress.


Texas is a community property state in the matter of divorce. This statement means that, unless an individual purchased the home before marriage, the property is split 50/50 between the two parties.

However, if the two parties decide to divide the house, the legal process can come with emotional stress. During this challenging period, you need a realty team that will have the most significant concerns at the forefront of all decisions.

Baker Realty puts our clients first in every transaction. Rest assured that your real estate needs are in good hands as we guide you through the buying and selling process.

Illness/Death in the Family

An unexpected health issue can have many ripple effects throughout family life. If you move an ailing relative in or a death in the family occurs, your home needs can change quickly and drastically.

Becoming a primary caregiver comes with many other costs and emotional stress. Baker Realty listens to and understands your unique needs in difficult times. We work hard to ensure that your home buying and selling experience doesn’t add more to your already very full plate. We have the expertise, integrity, and kindness to take care of your needs with the utmost consideration.

Families that go through the death of a loved one often find the emotional experience to be challenging to handle amid legal, estate, and property issues. Baker Realty helps assist you through this trying time by offering exceptional service.

We want to help ease your burden through compassion and understanding as well as professionalism and communication.