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Baker Realty are strategic real estate advisors here to guide you in buying or selling your home. We offer a stress-free real estate service experience by putting the client’s needs first and making every step as easy as possible.

Mission Driven. Community Focused.

Baker Realty specializes in residential real estate. The husband-and-wife team behind Baker Realty, Matt and Natasha Baker, live in Round Rock, TX. After moving to the area in 1999, Natasha took her Ivy League education into the real estate industry, while Matt became a Professional Environmental Engineer. They saw the opportunity to serve Natasha's real estate clients better by going into business for themselves. Now, Matt and Natasha bring their education, expertise, and experience into every client relationship.

Their drive goes beyond fulfilling their role as REALTOR®s/brokers and extends to being community partners. With a history of City Council work, non-profit support, board positions, and community service in Round Rock, Baker Realty's commitment to the community is undeniable. They continue to serve Central Texas today in a multitude of ways.
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Oct 03
When a Home Doesn't Appraise.
Oct 03, 2023
by bakerrealtytx
With decreasing home values, it's no surprise that more home buyers are expressing concern of their home appraising for at least the sales price. What happens if a home doesn't appraise? Can the buyer terminate? This depends on which box is checked on an addendum to the purchase contract. The promulgated Texas Real Estate Commission.
Jan 13
Don't wait for lower interest rates to buy a home - here's why..
Jan 13, 2023
by bakerrealtytx
With high interest rates these days, most homebuyers think they need to wait to purchase until the rates go back down.  Well, do you know that your overall monthly mortgage payment could be around the same amount of money today, as it would have been 1 year ago when rates were much lower???  Say what?!?.
Jun 21
Buyers: Don't Let Real Estate Myths Limit Your Search.
Jun 21, 2022
by bakerrealtytx
With a decision as big as a real estate transaction, you’ll want good advice from people you can trust. Your friends and family may not have all the answers—in fact, they may give you outdated or incorrect information. Your REALTOR® is a trusted professional who deals with real estate issues every day. REALTORS® can help dispel.