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Our Approach

At Baker Realty, we understand that you’re not just searching for a house, you’re searching for a home. Your home will be a place to grow and make memories. You might live there for a few years, or a few decades. When you spend so much time in your home, you need a space that FEELS like home.

It Takes Time to Find The Right Home or Buyer

Every REALTOR® and anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows that it takes time to find the perfect home or buyer. Everyone has their own motives and list of wants they are looking for in each. Sometimes, it’s hard to nail down what those things are, but you know it when you see it.

In the game of trial and error, save yourself time and headaches by having a REALTOR® who knows precisely what you are looking for and puts those desires first.

The Baker Realty team works as strategic advisors to help you find your ideal home or buyer. Matt Baker has an engineering background and knows the ins-and-outs of construction projects and code. Natasha Baker is an Ivy League graduate that applies her education and work ethic to real estate, as well as intense attention to detail. Together, we make up a full-time real estate team that is knowledgeable in investing and wealth-building strategies with a focus on home buyer and seller education.

Stress-Free Approach to Buying a Home

The home-buying process is deeply personal, so you need a realty team focused on you, not just the transaction. Baker Realty combines compassion, expertise, and understanding to give our clients a fantastic home-buying experience.

You can rest assured that the decisions Baker Realty makes are always with your best interests in mind and with your input. The transition to your new home should be as smooth as possible.

Home Buyer and Home Seller Education

Whether it’s your first home or tenth, the home-buying process can be complicated. That’s why Baker Realty focuses on buyer and seller education. We want to clear up any misconceptions and make sure all our clients stay fully informed along the way. Baker Realty has earned the long-standing trust of our clients with this transparency. People who work with Baker Realty utilize our expertise to help them with significant real estate decisions.

The Baker Realty team keeps clients informed when searching, buying, and selling their homes. This dedication to buyer/seller education makes the process much more manageable for everyone. Clients feel fulfilled throughout the experience without being overwhelmed.

Client-First Attitude

Putting the client’s needs first sounds like it should be obvious. Unfortunately, many people have had poor experiences with REALTORS® in the past and become wary of everyone in the industry. Baker Realty is changing that through our client-first attitude.

Buying a home is a significant step at any stage of life. Most likely, you’ll purchase a house only a handful of times in your life. Every single time is meaningful. Baker Realty is changing minds about REALTORS® by putting the client first in all of our interactions and decisions. We guide our clients through the experience to make sure that it is seamless and enjoyable for everyone.