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Selling Your Home During a Divorce

Selling your home during a divorce can be emotionally difficult.broken heart symbolizing divorce

At Baker Realty, we understand this. We are professionals who know how to sell homes and can take the real estate aspect of the divorce off your plate. Divorce is never easy. No matter how many years you were married, splitting up brings a number of challenges and emotions. Usually, spouses divide all assets, including the family home. Here are certain things to consider when selling your home during or due to a divorce and how Baker Realty can help.

Reasons to Work with Baker Realty

At Baker Realty, we understand that divorce is never pleasant. It stirs many emotions, and it is a time when you need help sorting various aspects of your life. When it comes to your family home in Texas, we are ready to assist you with putting your home on the market. We take the hassles out of selling a home during a divorce. We treat both parties fairly and adhere to all necessary timelines so that the selling process is completed as quickly as possible.

Baker Realty Realtors help lower the stresses on couples. An experienced broker can offer solid advice so that the property sells as quickly as possible and sells for the highest price. It is helpful to work with experienced professionals who deal with divorcing couples; they know what potential hiccups that might come up during the selling process.

Characteristics of Baker Realty Agents

Selling a home during a divorce is extremely difficult on the spouses. When you choose Baker Realty, your choosing agents who possess these characteristics: Equality, Trust, Privacy, and excellent Communication.


It is vital for clients to feel like their Realtor is impartial, especially when they are divorcing. A Realtor must show no favoritism and must act like a neutral third party during the selling process. Baker Realty agents are impartial to spouses and treat both parties with respect. Listening to both parties and coming to a common solution is key. Both of your interests are our top concern. We never take sides and always offer helpful advice so that the outcome is successful.


An atmosphere of trust is essential. It is vital to work with an agent who comprehends the challenges of divorce and who is willing to provide the necessary patience and expertise. A divorcing couple must trust their Realtor. It is the job of this professional to make clients feel validated and comfortable to discuss any issues or concerns. Baker Realty agents are trustworthy and provide sound advice for reaching both spouses’ goals.



In many circumstances, the act of divorce may work against a couple who is selling a home. Buyers may get the idea that the sellers are looking for a quick sale and will accept a low price. Baker Realty agents respect your privacy. They know how to keep issues discreet and confidential, so that a fair deal has the ability to be reached.


In a divorce, there may be very little communication between both spouses. However, it is the responsibility of their Realtor to communicate with both parties. At Baker Realty, our communication abilities set us apart from other professionals. Every correspondence is sent at the same time to both parties, and all questions and answers are shared as a collective group. No one is left out of any communication. Both spouses receive the same emails and texts. Phone conversations are only held when both spouses are able to talk. You can be confident that no side is taken and both spouses receive the same information. Rest assured that both spouses are treated impartially.

Process of Selling Your Home During a Divorce

Preparing the home for the market is a process and Baker Realty agents can help guide you through the best route to get the home ready for showings. If both partners have moved out, a professional stager might be an option to help the house appear its best. If one spouse remains in the house, decluttering and organizing is key. Baker Realty agents will explain the best ways to arrange the furniture and how to make the property most appealing to buyers.

When offers come in, it is time to get serious and to discuss the best one to accept. Its a collaborative effort of the spouses with the agent and divorce attorneys on accepting an offer. Your agent will help guide you through this delicate process. Again, in all communication, both spouses are copied so no one person feels left out.

Title insurance can be a tricky part of selling a home during divorce. Working with Baker Realty Realtors will make the process go much more smoothly. Most issues will be between the homesellers and the title company. However, our agents comprehend why some requirements are necessary, so that he or she can make clients feel comfortable with the situation. There are timetables that might need to be adhered to around the divorce decree. The legal description of the property needs to be in the decree as well. Any liens must be satisfied at closing. Baker Realty agents are aware of items that might need addressing and can help keep things moving forward and on track to close.


Whether you have filed for divorce, are about to file, or already have a decree in hand, Baker Realty agents know how to handle the divorce situation. To avoid stress and worries with selling your home, work with Baker Realty. For more information, contact us today.