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Costs Associated with Selling a Home

What are the costs associated with selling a home? Well, there are many costs associated with selling a home. But don’t stress! Knowledge is power, and we’re here to educate you on this topic. Here are most of the costs, but feel free to ...

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Costs Associated with Buying a Home

Costs Associated with Buying a Home There are many costs associated with buying a home. Since a home purchase is probably going to be one of your biggest financial decisions, it’s good to be aware of these fees. Some fees are paid prior ...

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When You Should Consider Refinancing Your Home

Considering Refinancing Your Home? Are you thinking about refinancing your home? Refinancing your mortgage can come with benefits, whether you want to obtain a lower interest rate on your mortgage or would like to alter the terms of your loan....

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Wood Glen is the Best Neighborhood in Round Rock, TX

Wood Glen is the best neighborhood in Round Rock, TX... our humble opinion.  But, we can think that because we live there! With its beautiful homes, mature trees, numerous amenities, and unbeatable location, we think Wood Glen is the be...

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Househunting Tips During the Pandemic – Newsletter

Househunting during the pandemic presents an entirely new set of challenges. If you are searching for your next dream home, but want to avoid exposing your family and yourself, check out our most recent newsletter for some timely advice. ...

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Househunting Tips during the COVID Pandemic

Househunting Tips during the COVID Pandemic Househunting has changed with the presence of the COVID pandemic. Before you go on an actual tour, read these house- hunting tips. They can guide you through the home search, to help ensure your fina...

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Selling a Home: Common Mistakes Sellers Make

Selling a Home: Common Mistakes Sellers Make Even under the best of circumstances, sellers experience common mistakes when selling a home, which can be a trying experience fraught with challenges. Many homeowners shoot themselves in the foot r...

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Why For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is a Bad Idea

Thinking of going FSBO? For home sellers, there are two options when it comes to selling their home. They can either get assistance from a real estate agent or do it on their own (FSBO). Most sellers try to avoid working with agents because the...

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Austin Real Estate During COVID-19

Austin real estate during COVID-19, while it is still hopping, has gone through some changes lately. After all, the coronavirus outbreak has affected all aspects of life. Whether you are buying or selling a home, this guide will help you naviga...

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