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Round Rock, TX Home Values

Round Rock, TX iconic down town towerRound Rock, TX home values is a reoccurring conversation topic for 2021. With the market as crazy as its been, homeowners want to know what their property is potentially worth.

Home Values for Some Neighborhoods

Here are real estate statistics for homes sold from January 1 through October 31, 2021. All of these neighborhoods are located in Round Rock, Texas.


Behrens Ranch                    $765,000                                 41                              10

Hidden Glen                         $797,000                                 19                               13

Wood Glen                           $630,000                                 21                                11

Walsh Ranch                        $922,500                                 10                                8

Forest Creek                         $573,500                                 94                               12

Paloma Lake                         $562,050                                134                             10

Teravista**                            $491,350                                 246                             10

Sendero Springs                 $686,000                                 28                              15

Eagles Ridge                        $397,250                                  43                               10

Vista Oaks                            $510,000                                  41                                9

Stone Oaks                           $425,000                                 47                               6

Mayfield Ranch                  $542,500                                138                              6

Siena                                     $435,000                                241                              13

If you want to know the housing statistics for your particular neighborhood, please contact us. We’re happy to send information your way.

Round Rock Annual Home Values

The other day, I posted on Baker Realty’s Facebook page the following quote, “The best time to buy a home is always five years ago.” ~Ray Brown  And gosh, the home value statistics below demonstrate why this statement is true!


2021***             $450,000                                        2570***                         10

2020                  $317,500                                          3055                              28

2019                   $290,000                                        3025                              44

2018                   $277,000                                         2996                             49

2017                   $265,000                                         3036                             42

2011                   $175,000                                         1880                             78

shows home value increasing with timeIf you want to build long term wealth, real estate is a great avenue to invest your money. If you had purchased a home in Round Rock, Texas just 5 years ago, these numbers indicate you could have potentially doubled your home’s value.  Don’t miss the last line in the table above, showing the Median Sales Price of a Round Rock home in 2011 was just $175,000. Crazy!

If you’re on the fence about buying, take the leap into homeownership and Own Your Future! Especially contact us if you’re thinking of building or buying new. Owning a home is a great way to build wealth and to invest in your future.

*ADOM = Average Days On Market

**Includes Georgetown portion of Teravista

***January 1st through Nov 5th, 2021

****Data retrieved from the MLS, Austin Board of REALTORS®