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How to Find Information on Your Homeowner’s Association

Want to find information on your homeowner’s association? Well now, at last, you can! The Texas Real Estate Commission recently launched a website to help you – Homeowners’ Association Management Certificate Database.

One of the Results from SB 1588Photo with cartoonish homes and fireworks celebrating SB 1588

Last Fall, we wrote a piece on Senate Bill 1588 (SB 1588). This bill brought some changes and reform around property owners’ associations (POA) and their transparency. One of the action items in SB 1588 is now available! Now you, the consumer, may view items such as:

  • The management certificate for any neighborhood with a POA
  • The name, mailing address, email address, and phone number for the association’s managing agent, i.e. who to contact
  • Amendments to the POA’s declaration
  • The amount and description of all fees or charges relating to a property’s transfer, such as a resale certificate
  • The association’s website address (if the association contains at least 60 lots)

Accessing Your Homeowner’s Association Information

little homes stacked on blocks reading HOAAfter clicking on this link to take you to the POA database, click on ‘Search for Management Certificates’. A box will come up where you may type in your neighborhood’s name. Type in your neighborhood’s name and hit return (see below why you don’t want to search via county or city). A page will come up where you may click on and download the PDF of your neighborhood’s management certificate. Here, you may read all sorts of information on your property owner’s association!

For example, if you are looking for information on Wood Glen (a neighborhood located in Round Rock, TX), type in the box ‘Wood Glen’. Four associations come up on the next screen – two located in Harris County, one in Dallas County, and one in Williamson County. Keep in mind that the county listed reflects the location of the Property Owner’s Association…not the neighborhood location. You’ll see Wood Glen Property Owners Association as one of your options. And since you know this is the neighborhood you’re searching for, click on this option. Immediately, a PDF of the management certification is available to download.

Deadline for Filing the Management Certificate

Keep in mind that not all associations have electronically filed their management certificate yet. The final deadline is June 1, 2022. And if anything changes on the certificate, for example the primary contact information for a particular POA, then a POA has 7 days to update this consumer website after filing the changes with the county.

As always, we are here to help you navigate through any real estate questions/concerns. And contact us if you’re thinking of buying or selling a property!