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What Model iPhone Do You Have?

Have you ever gone shopping for a new iPhone charger or a new iPhone case just to realize you don’t remember which model phone you own?  Apple releases new models of their phones almost annually, and keeping up is next to impossible.  Here is a list of common model number codes (look on the back of your phone near the bottom) that match up with Apple’s common model naming scheme.

  • iPhone 6 Plus: A1522, A1524
  • iPhone 6: A1549,A1586
  • iPhone 5S: A1533,A1453
  • iPhone 5C: A1532,A1456
  • iPhone 5: A1428,A1429
  • iPhone 4S: A1387
  • iPhone 4: A1332,A1349
  • iPhone 3GS: A1303
  • iPhone 3G: A1241