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Tips for Sellers (from a Buyer’s Specialist perspective!!)

For Sale and Price Reduced Signs on a Home

One of the most difficult decisions when selling a home is finding a professional Realtor that really knows the current market, understands the area, has a great marketing plan and who is someone that you are very comfortable working with on a daily basis. The second most difficult thing can be and often is, listening to your Realtor and strongly considering their advice. Our Group often finds that our selling clients make some re-occurring mistakes that ultimately hurt the final net profit on the home. Examples include a starting price that is too high, or spending money on upgrades that will never be recouped.

As a Buyer’s Specialist, here are some tips that you may want to consider. Otherwise, I will use these to negotiate a lower price than what you are wanting when I show your home!

• Too many days on the market. When I see a home that hasn’t sold for a few weeks, it means one thing…’re not getting offers that you want. You may not be getting showings or offers high enough, but regardless…your house hasn’t sold and I know that! A perfect target for a low offer. To avoid this, listen to your Realtor and their list price suggestion. And even though you consider your home as ‘the best house in the neighborhood’, set the price that will a) get buyers in the door and b) sold fast.

• Boring Street Appeal. There is nothing worse than when I roll up to a Re-Sale (previously owned home) and the grass is dead, there is no color or vibrancy, and the bushes aren’t maintained. Especially since I more than likely just showed them a brand new home within blocks, only several thousand dollars higher in price. There are times where my clients don’t even want to stop. Solution? Have your Realtor point out some ideas. Try not to take your Realtor’s suggestions personally. Get those dead braches removed. Bring in some mulch. Actually water and mow/trim your lawn leading up to your listing. These are just a few tips and if you do these, clients will be sold upon arrival!!

• People/Animals home during a showing. This speaks for itself, however, I will elaborate! When selling your home, don’t you want to appeal to as many customers as possible? Do you think having your cat rubbing up against a person who doesn’t like animals will hurt the chances of getting an offer? Is it not odd to walk into a room and someone is in there with headphones on humming to a song? Selling your home is not convenient. It is work. And getting yourself and your pets out of the way during showings improves the likelihood of fewer negative comments and feedback, clients spending more time there looking at the house and considering to purchase.

These are just a few pitfalls that your experienced listing agent can help you avoid. As a Buyer’s Specialist, I can guarantee you I’m searching the listings for good deals for my clients and investors, and the more reasons that sellers like you can give me to lower the offer, I’ll definitely take advantage of!
~ Amber M.

Amber Markee is a Buyer’s Specialist with The Natasha Group.