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Texas Winter Storm 2021

white Baker Realty logo in snowThe Texas Winter Storm of 2021 rolls in with a bang. How could anything else adequately follow the Covid Pandemic of 2020? We’ve set a new record for consecutive number of days below freezing – Seven.  As we try to get back on our feet again, here are some items to consider and important websites for status updates.

Plumbing Leaks

Locate your main water valve to your home. It will be outside, close to your water meter. Make sure its accessible and the lid can be opened.

As temperatures increase, be observant inside and outside your home. Take a walk around the exterior and interior of your home and looks for leaks. As ice melts and pipes thaw, broken pipes will start to reveal themselves. Some will be obvious, like water seeping through the walls or ceiling, but some leaks won’t be so obvious. So, keep a close eye on your home the next couple of weeks.


Keep in mind that some repairs require permits. A ruptured or damaged water line requires a permit. But if it’s an emergency repair, the City of Austin is allowing retroactive permits. For more information, click here.

Damaged Trees

What about removing damaged trees from your property? According to Austin’s Tree Ordinance, you may remove trees before receiving a permit if it’s a storm related emergency. The exception is trees less than 19” diameter (under 4’6” above grade) do not require permits if they are located on residential property.

For the City of Round Rock, there are 3 ways to dispose of tree limbs. You may take limbs to the Brush Recycle Center located at 310 Deepwood Drive. You may cut and bundle limbs for curbside pickup. Or you may request curbside pickup online. For more information, click here.

Status Updates for the Texas Winter Storm 2021

Here are some links for important status updates:

List of Winter Storm Shelters, addresses, & which ones accommodate pets

Statewide Warming Centers

Map of Austin Power Outages

Map of Austin Operational Water Updates

HEB status updates

Other items (such as trash pick-up and transportation services)

Support Local Businesses

As we begin to recover from this devastation, if you’re able, support your local small businesses.  Here are some that could use your support!

The Rock Sports Bar

The Alcove Cantina

Slapbox Pizzicheria

Hat Creek Burgers

URBAN Eat.Drink

The Yogurt Experience

Round Rock Donuts

Wendy’s Home Cooking

Greenhouse Craft Food

Round Rock Travel & Cruises

At Baker Realty, we try to be of maximize service to our clients, neighbors, and community.  If there is any way we can help in this time of need, please contact us.