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Moving with Pets

Moving with pets can be quite stressful, especially for your furry, four-legged family members. After all, boxes are everywhere, furniture is getting shuffled around, and stress is in the air. Things just aren’t the same. Here are some tips to help the process go smoothly and keep your pets as calm as possible.

Moving with Pets

Veterinarian Records

First thing to do is handle the medical items. For moving across state lines, obtain copies of your pet’s medical records. Pick up any last medications that they’ll need. If you’re moving within the Austin area or one of its suburbs, like Round Rock or Cedar Park, call your vet and have your pet’s records transferred electronically. If you don’t know which vet to choose, ask for recommendations from family or friends that live in the area. Or, do your own research by reading reviews and online articles. Find a vet that is close to your new destination so you won’t have to commute for vet visits. Here are a few vets in the Central Texas area: VCA Premier Animal Hospital and Pet Resort, Parmer Lane Pet Hospital, Barton Creek Animal ClinicNorth Austin Animal Hospital

Preparation for Moving Your Pets

The next item to consider when moving with pets is the mode of transportation on the big moving day. If it’s a local move, riding with you in the car is probably best. If it’s a long distance move and a carrier is necessary, train your pet ahead of time that the carrier is a safe place to be. For most pets, carriers are a foreign concept and they require time to get comfortable with it. Start acclimating your pet as early as possible. Place comfort items in the carrier, like a blanket and favorite toy, to make the experience a positive one for your pet. This way, on the day of the move, the carrier will feel like home to them.

Moving Day

The actual moving day is usually the most stressful part for these adorable creatures. After all, they don’t know what is going on…they don’t know what’s happening. So on the day of moving, while the movers are taking boxes and removing furniture, keep your pets safely away from foot traffic to reduce stress. Put your pets in a room, with the door closed, and turn on the television or music for a noisy distraction. Give them their favorite bone or treat to gnaw on. If your pet is a dog, you can also have a friend or family member take them to the park to burn off excess energy. And from the park, they can be driven to their new home, completely avoiding going back to the old disheveled one. Here are some dog parks in the area. Round Rock Dog Depot, Cedar Bark Park, Red Bud Isle, Great Northern Dog Park, Bark Park, and others.

Arrival at the New Home

And last but not least, when you arrive to your new destination, have your pet’s bed handy and let it be one of the first items you put in the home. The smell of their bed and toys will help them acclimate quicker to their new place. Let them stay close by you if necessary, to help keep their anxiety down. Make sure they have some food and water. Get out their favorite toy and let them play!

Moving with pets can be difficult for everyone involved. We’ve moved with dogs several times and know it can be tough! Contact Baker Realty today so we can handle your real estate needs while you handle your furry family members.