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Congrats on Your Recent Real Estate Transaction

Again, Congrats on your recent real estate transaction!!!

We’re really happy for you and we truly appreciate you using us!

Some helpful information for New Homeowners:

In January 2020, we will be emailing you a form to complete for your Homestead Exemption. You can’t complete it until January and it has to be submitted before the end of April 2020. But, we will send you an email reminder and the actual form. You’ll get forms in the mail, from people offering to do this for you for a fee (like $40), but just toss those in the trash! Filing an exemption is FREE! So, no need to pay someone to do it. And you’ll only need to file this exemption once. After that, every year you are in the home, your property taxes will automatically have the discount.

Also, Texas is a non-disclosure state, meaning new homeowners don’t have to disclose how much you paid for your home. You will get a very formal-looking piece of mail from the state, acting like you’re required to disclose what you paid. DON’T DO IT. Why you ask? We don’t want them to know, just in case, they underestimate the value of your home for tax appraisal issues. Around April or so, you’ll get a piece of mail from the county with a number of what they are valuing your home at. If you feel they have valued your home over what you paid, then contact me. I will run the comparables for you and see if they have any true grounds to raise your value.

Last, you will be inundated with offers to sell you insurance, alarm service, lawn service, bridges in Arizona….it all makes great burning material in the fireplace.

So, always feel free to contact us! Even though the transaction of buying your home is over, we’re still here for you, if you have any questions!! Also, don’t forget our website has a lot of good links to local parks and helpful phone numbers. Please be sure to use this as a resource!